Cushion loops provide a portable and convenient alternative to an installed loop.
They may be used in such varied applications as TV sound, in-car audio and bedtime listening!

Cushion Loop

Dimensions typically 16" x 16" x ¼"
May vary according to application.


This product comprises a high quality induction loop enclosed within a soft, durable material. Both design and materials used will vary according to application.

The main applications listed in the shop are:

  •   TV Listening

  •   General audio including the Pillow Loop

  •   In-car audio

  • Cushion Loops are fitted with a tug-safe connection and supplied with a cable appropriate to the application.

    In some applications, for example TV listening, a loop amplifier may be required.

    A range of cushion loop covers is available as an optional accessory, illustrated below.


    Zipped cushion covers.
    Available in blue, dark brown, or beige.


    Zipped cushion covers.
     Blue or yellow floral designs.