Audio from your TV

The audio output from television receivers varies considerably. It is therefore very important to select the right audio product for your television.

In general, four types of output connector may be used: Headphone socket, SCART, Phono or digital audio. The electrical character of each of these outputs is different and may even vary between different models and manufacturers of television sets.

These products may not be connected directly to the digital audio output of your TV or audio equipment.

The Original
Silent Headphones
Personal TV Loops and The Original Silent HeadphonesTM

This range includes Personal Television Loops and The Original Silent HeadphonesTM , both of which may be used wherever a normally-hearing person would use a pair of headphones. The TVL loops and the The Original Silent HeadphonesTM are designed to plug directly into the headphone socket of your TV. They are supplied with a short, tug-safe connection to a 4 metre lead fitted with a 3.5mm stereo socket.
TVL100 TV loop personaloop

Home Loop System

In the HLS-30 system, a loop is installed around your living room and coupled with your television via a special induction loop amplifier. Home Loop Systems are also supplied with a microphone, to pick up conversation or general room sound (such as telephone ringing).

The CLS-30 is a home loop system incorporating a cushion loop, for use where it is necessary to limit the range of the loop transmission, for example in flats or residential accommodation.

TVL125 loop


SCART Devices

Ferrosound are developing their new range of audio products for direct connection to the SCART socket of your TV receiver. Further details will be published as soon as possible.

   In the meanwhile the Ferrosound TVL-3CW is        available for use with either SCART or the            headphone output of your TV.

TVL-3CW Stereo

tvlTv Listener

The Ferrosound TVL Series of Loops for use with TV headphone output

The Ferrosound TVL  Loops plug directly into the headphone socket using the tug safe extension lead supplied. Please note that, in some TV receivers, the headphone socket will switch off the loud speaker. In other sets, it is possible to control the headphone and loud speaker volume independently. For further details refer to your TV operating instructions.

The TVL100 is for use with TV headphone sockets specified as 32 ohms.
The TVL125 is for use with headphone sockets specified as 600 ohms. back