Ferrosound are designers of high quality audio products
for hearing impaired people

These products are designed to enhance your enjoyment of conversation, TV, music - at home, work or on the move.

They include loop systems ranging from pocket-sized, personal systems to installed or portable systems for use in the community.

All this is possible with the help of the T-switch on your hearing aid, by which most people can "tune in" to a new world of better hearing.

A Brief History of Ferrosound

In 1984 we started a non-profit technical service for hearing impaired people, based in a small high street mini-market - perhaps the first resource centre to be open six days a week. It soon became clear that there was a real need for the new, more user friendly audio products which we custom-made for local people.

So Ferrosound was established in 1989 to develop and manufacture these new products and many more to come. These now include a range of personal audio and TV products, mobile phone devices, and a wide range of user-friendly portable loop systems for areas up to 450 sq. metres.

Ferrosound personal loop systems derive from an original idea developed in 1983 for Pat, a profoundly deaf young musician. She was unable to hear the clarinet she played in her orchestra without the help of a small suitcase full of loop equipment and miles of unsightly cable, most of which was coiled around her neck. There had to be a better way!

After searching the market in vain, we designed a personal loop system that would slip into Pat's handbag. This evolved over many years to become a family of powerful conversation aids, including System 325, the PPL225, the original Powered Personal Loop, and more recently the System 121 - all top quality personal loop systems for hearing impaired people.

To this day our new product ideas and development are inspired and driven by the needs of the many people we meet in the course of this project.

Indeed, every Ferrosound product was originally conceived and designed to meet the need of a particular person. We continue to work closely with all our customers to ensure that we understand and meet their needs, and their contribution to our product development continues to be invaluable.

The "We" in this brief history refers to Michael, our product and systems design engineer, and to his family, friends and colleagues, who have given support and encouragement to this project, as it has evolved for over 30 years. He has gained considerable experience of working with hearing impaired people during this period, including pioneering work in resource centres and the leadership of a volunteer visitor group serving hearing impaired people.

Michael has a lifelong experience of deafness and other hearing impairment, both his own and that of other close members of the family in which he grew up. In responding to this challenge, his own severe and progressive hearing impairment has become an invaluable research tool in his quest for new and more useful products for hearing impaired people.

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