Ferrosound personal loop systems are designed for use with hearing aids (switch to 'T') and offer many excellent features to meet your communication needs:

  •   Conversation at home, work or social occasions
    •   TV listening
  •   Committee and small conference meetings
  •   In-car communication.


    All Ferrosound conversation aids are supplied complete with a personal induction loop, built-in microphone, batteries and a neat carry case. Optional accessories include external microphones for TV and social occasions.

    Weighing in at less than 150gms each, they slip easily into your   handbag or pocket - making them ideal personal portable loop systems.

    System 121 and 325

    The unique, built-in microphone in these systems improves clarity of speech for roundtable meetings, whilst reducing the adverse effects of room acoustics. This feature makes the 121 and 325 ideal for personal use in meetings at a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market.

    system 325

    Systems 121 and 325: Summary of Features

  • Manual  volume control.
  • High tone control designed to improve clarity for people with severe high frequency hearing loss.
  •  Built-In Microphone designed to reduce the adverse effects of room acoustics.
  • External microphone option (eg for use with uni-directional or lapel microphone).
  • Easy to operate, with only two controls.
  • Over 400 hours of use from two good quality AA alkaline batteries.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • System 325-PRO

    This is a compact, Portable Loop System, comprising the amplifier, integral microphone, a PL125-B Personal Loop and a neat carry case. The PL125-B is a cable style loop, easily and hygeinically cleaned prior to and after use. Antiseptic wipes provided.

    This system is designed for use by professional providers and carers who do not have access to a conventional installed hearing loop system, when meeting their hearing impaired clients.

    This system is simple to operate and ready for immediate use in one-to-one conversations, interviews, counselling and similar applications where a larger, portable system is not appropriate. The operating instructions contain extensive notes for using this product in professional applications.

    PPL225 Powered Personal Loop

    Ferrosound introduced the original Powered Personal Loop (PPL) in 1991. This popular communicator is very simple to use and may also be used for remote control of the hearing aid by anyone who has difficulty in adjusting their BE hearing aid.

    Please note this product is temporarily unavailable pending the design and development of a new version. Your ideas for the new product features will be most welcome