Over the years Ferrosound have developed many new products and services.

These include products which are no longer available off-the-shelf but are still made to order as custom products, designed to meet your particular requirements.

*Includes postage & packing on all orders. Prices are for zero-rate VAT, see Order Info*



The Original Ferrosound  Powered Personal Loop (1991)

New design pending. Your ideas and enquiries welcome.

Not yet available

All The Original SoundrayTM Products


All The Original SoundrayTM products are still available custom made to order for use with a range of audio applications including TV listening, in-car audio, inductive cuddlies and some personal audio including the mobile phone Soundray.


CRS4   £36.45 buy

TSR16-W   £26.45

TSR16-BT   £25.45buybu

BW8   £16.00buybut


Mobile Phone Hands-free Kit

Available for all models of mobile phone, including a wide range of older phones (as illustrated here).

Please specify make and model of your mobile phone when ordering.


TVL150/ 250/350TVL

Designed for use with TV SCART outputs. When ordering please specify make and model of television. These loops are supplied with 4m tug-safe cable

Custom version.

Email or telephone Ferrosound for further details of style and price.


The Original 
Silent HeadphoneTM


(TV headphone sockets specified as 600 ohms)

Supplied with a 4 metre or custom lead with 3.5mm plug and 3.5-6.3mm adaptor.

Available in stereo version only, that is, both sides silent (suffix-B) for use with two hearing aids.

For one side normal, consult Ferrosound for details of custom version

custom version

Custom version for one side silent and one side normal. Email or telephone Ferrosound for further details of style and price.