If you wear a hearing aid you can enjoy a number of benefits of which you may not be aware. Most hearing aids can be turned into a mini receiver, at the touch of a switch.

You can "tune in" to audio and TV more clearly than you have heard in a long time! Or "tune in" to your telephone or mobile for chat with family and friends - and hear with improved clarity.

All this is possible with the help of the O T M switch on your hearing aid. By switching to "T" most people can "tune in" to a new world of better hearing. However you will need to use a simple device called an Inductive Coupler.

Ferrosound have designed a wide range of Inductive Couplers for use with your hearing aid. Some are designed for personal listening - radio, TV or conversation - whilst our personal loop systems are useful for meetings, in the community or at work.

These personal audio products include the PL series of Personal Induction Loops and the The Original Silent HeadphonesTM, an original Ferrosound invention, which may be used where-ever a normally hearing person would use headphones.

Ferrosound have also developed a range of personal loop systems for use as conversation aids or TV listening.

For use in the community, for example, halls and meeting rooms, conference centres and places of worship, Ferrosound also custom-design and produce a range of high quality, user-friendly Portable Loop Systems to cover areas from 30 - 450 square metres. Microphones and other accessories can be supplied according to our customers applications.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about any of our products which are of special interest to you. You may write, telephone, text or email.

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