Inductive Cuddly Bear

This is a cuddly bear that becomes inductive when fitted with the The Original SoundrayTM, which may be removed when not in use. It can be used with any safely isolated audio source: headphone socket, loop amplifier, extension loudspeaker terminals. Full operating instructions are supplied.  

The cuddly is fitted with a dual purpose zipped pocket. This allows the insertion or removal of the Soundray and a small tape player or radio. This  removes any necessity for external wiring.

It is important that the inductive cuddly is supplied with the correct Soundray for the equipment for which it will be used.

Which type of The Original SoundrayTM?

IC-O1 This is for home loop amplifiers which specify a loop resistance of less than one Ohm. Please see your home loop system manual.

IC-O8 This is for home loop amplifiers which specify a loop resistance of 4 to 8 Ohms. The IC-08 may also be used with the extension speaker terminals of your TV or audio system, where a speaker impedance of 8 Ohms is specified, provided that this a safely isolated terminal. Please see your home loop or audio system manual. If in doubt, consult your local audio technician about making a safe connection to your audio equipment external loud speaker. 

IC-30 This is for use with personal audio equipment such as CD or tape player.back