The Ferrosound MPL-09 (Type 1) is pictured with a Sony Ericsson 200i mobile phone, using the hands free adaptor supplied with the phone.

However it is available in different models for use with other mobile phones. MPL-09 (Type 2) pictured below left, shows an alternative format.

Each style is fitted with a microphone and a stop/ start switch to operate the phone remotely.

The MPL-09 is still available for many of the older phones and current mobile phones fitted with the standard 3.5mm stereo jack-plug.

The original version of our mobile phone loop-set, a proven product, launched in the autumn of 1998, has been subject to a continuous process of development. Current versions include two new bluetooth designs to be introduced shortly.

When ordering, please specify the make and model number of your mobile phone to ensure that your loop-set is the correct model for your phone.

Ferrosound mobile phone loop-sets and other devices do not require batteries. Just plug-in to your mobile phone, adjust the volume, and you are ready to talk – and listen.