Why a Mobile Phone Loop?

As you may know, mobile phones usually cause a buzz in your hearing aid. The level of interference varies with the distance of your phone from your hearing aid, and with the model of mobile phone and hearing aid.

The use of a loopor other inductive coupler enables you to keep the phone well clear of your hearing aid, where you will not hear the interference.

Choosing your Mobile Phone

Choose the mobile phone which interferes least with your aid, when switched to "T", provided the volume, and general facilities meet your requirements.

Try before you buy! Use the mobile to call a friend, or dial the customer service number  and follow the voice prompts. Please note that some service providers charge for this service. If you are buying a mobile phone, your Supplier may make a demo call for you.

Mobile Phone Inductive Devices

Ferrosound were first on the market in 1998 with a mobile phone loop-set powered from your mobile phone. This means that no batteries are required. The dimensions of the loop were determined after careful research and experiment.

From the beginning, we have been manufacturing loop sets for any mobile phone on the market. Ferrosound mobile phone loop-sets have been available for all phones on the UK market since 1998.

Our current mobile phone loop-set is the MPL-09 available in various models, designed for the different mobile phones on the market. It is therefore most important to let us know the make and model of your mobile phone when ordering your loop-set.

Or you can opt for the TSR-16, our hand-held Mobile Soundray, with in-line microphone and switch. In some situations you may prefer to use the MPHS-125 hands free set.

Ferrosound Bluetooth Mobile Systems

After extensive development trials, our Bluetooth mobile phone devices will be available shortly. These include the TSR-16BT, the TSR-16 Mobile Soundray and various personal loops.