Mobile Phone Pen-style The Original SoundrayTM TSR-16

As an alternative to headphones, this is a hand-held unit which has an in-line microphone with a remote switch to begin or end your call.  

This is an inductive Handset, available for use with a wide range of mobile phones including many of the older models still in use (as illustrated bottom left).

The stereo compatible version (illustrated above left) is available for use with state-of-the-art phones. In this version the stereo L & R channels are mixed in the device and transmitted to the hearing aid which is switched to 'T'.

In all versions, a neat box hangs below the handset with a microphone and remote switch to begin or end your call. No adapter is necessary; however, you will need to supply the make and model number of your mobile phone with your order.

The mobile phone shown is simply for illustration. The TSR-16 is available, custom-made, for any mobile phone on the market.

Available for all models of mobile phone. Please specify make and model when ordering.