Audio from your TV

The audio output from television receivers varies considerably. It is therefore very important to select the right audio product for your television.


Mobile Phone Loops

These are available for all makes of phone, for both wired and wireless (bluetooth) applications.


Personal Audio Loops and The Original Silent HeadphonesTM

This range includes Personal audio Loops and The Original Silent HeadphonesTM, both of which may be used wherever a normally-hearing person would use a pair of headphones. These audio loops and the Silent Headphones are designed to plug directly into the headphone socket of your personal audio equipment. For example, MP3 players, CD players, iPods or your PC sound output. Ferrosound personal audio (PL series) are stereo-compatible, in that the left and right stereo channels are mixed in the loop.


PL125-D with mobile phone

PL125-D cable style personal loop, shown here in use with mobile phone. Available as shown or with integral lead. Click here for mobile phone section.

This loop is available with various specifications to ensure compatibility with your equipment - whether CD, MP3, iPod, mobile phone or PC sound. For a PDF about the PL125-D30, optimised for use with TV and PC headphone sockets,
click here.

The PL125-D is also available fitted with an integral 3.5mm stereo plug for use with cables of varying lengths and connectors, according to application.


PL350 with PLS-121 conversation aid

From the Ferrosound PL300 series hand-sewn personal audio loops. Picture above (right) shows the PL350 'chunky' loop version in use with the Ferrosound PLS-121 conversation aid.

The PL300 version is very similar but fully hand-sewn, that is, without the centre box.

These hand-sewn loops are available in various colours and varying specifications according to application.

The Original Silent HeadphonesTM are an original Ferrosound invention which has been on the market since 1984. They are truly silent (acoustically) whilst transmitting the audio programme to the left and right hearing aids respectively. They therefore deliver true binaural stereo when used by people with two hearing aids.

In general, they are also available with only left or right side silent for people using only one hearing aid; in this case, the other side is normal and will be heard normally by your "good" ear.

They are available in lightweight or super-lightweight versions for general purpose personal audio (including TV sound) and custom applications.



Stereo Wireless Audio System

Ferrosound are developing their new range of products for wireless connection to the audio output of your home audio system. Further details will be published as soon as possible.

Wireless Audio Transmission System for use with PL125-D stereo compatible audio loop, stereo Silent Headphones  or normal headphones. Cable supplied as required.

For true binaural stereo, this system may be used with the Silent Headphones instead of a personal loop.