The Original SoundrayTM is a low-range inductive coupler which is used to transmit audio to your hearing aid. This original Ferrosound invention, first fitted in a pocket sized personal radio,  has been used in many other audio applications over the years.


With the hearing aid switched to 'T', these portable inductive couplers enable hearing aid users to enjoy enhanced, personal listening. 

However, please see the important note at the end of this page. This explains the limitations of the Soundray product with modern, low power personal audio.

The exception to these limitations is the TSR-16W mobile phone The Original SoundrayTM (left) which is used close to the ear in the same way that a conventional telephone handset may be.



The Original SoundrayTM  for Body Worn Aid (BW8) This is a small device that is clipped to a body worn aid, and plugs into the headphone socket of your TV or audio system.  This will transmit the sound directly to your hearing aid.

Usually fitted with one metre lead, as illustrated, (shown coiled up). Other lengths available to order.


The Original Car SoundrayTM (CRS4)  as the name suggests, this has been designed primarily for in-car use. It is wired into the car audio in place of an existing loudspeaker. For this reason, the installation may best be done by your local in-car audio specialist. This product has a useful range of 500mm.



The Original Travel SoundrayTM (TSR16) was originally designed for use in place of headphones in the older style, more powerful, radio and music players. Please see the note below, covering the use of The Original SoundrayTM with modern, low power audio.

The TSR16 is the current version of our Travel Soundray, designed primarily for use with mobile phones. It is available in two versions, the TSR16-W and the

The TSL16-W is fitted with a short cable for direct input to your mobile phone. When ordering please specify the make and model number of your mobile phone.

The TSR16-BT is for use in conjunction with the Ferrosound Bluetooth device. This is compatible with most modern mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth.

DBPersonal Radio: the old and the new

Important The Original SoundrayTM Note

Modern personal audio equipment, such as MP3 players and mobile phones, no longer have the power to drive Soundray products beyond a range of 100mm (4 inches) or so.

However, Soundrays in general may be used with small in-line amplifiers,  available custom made to order.

If your radio or music player has an inbuilt loudspeaker, the headphone socket may deliver enough current for use with the Soundray.

Custom Soundrays are available to order. Please supply details of your application

Please consult Ferrosound for further advice.


DB2Personal Audio: the new and the old